Body Care

  • Hydrotherapy(90 min) $110
  • Discover a new dimension to the healthful art of massage. The use of water is especially recommended for anti-stress, relaxation, sports injury, improving circulation and hydration of the skin. After a hot stone massage, you’ll lie face down while the Vichy’s shower massages away any tension and detoxifies deep tissues. The treatment is then finished with the Scott’s hose, which is a high powered water hose to stimulate skin and massage sore muscles. Achieve total relaxation with this treatment.
  • Warm Stone Therapy Massage(60 min) $75
  • A recommended treatment for sore joints and muscles, this ancient healing art uses smooth heated river stones with traditional massage methods. An excellent means to sooth the body and rejuvenates the spirit.
  • Body Polish(60 min) $110
  • Invigorating exfoliation of the entire body. Remove dry skin cells that build up over the dry winter months, revealing soft smooth skin. Your body will look radiant! This service can be used alone or in conjunction with any of our Body Care treatments.
  • Massage(60 min) $100 / (90 min) $130
  • Whether you prefer a Deep Tissue or a Relaxation Massage. We will customize our service to cater to your specific needs . Massage improves circulation, relaxes muscles and stimulates the lymphatic system. It also speeds up the elimination of toxins and aids digestion.